Starcraft 2 Beta


You want to play Starcraft II before everybody ? The way i'll show you here is the easiest one.
You'll can play all races against the computer. Sadly the multiplayer mode doesn't work without the key offered by Blizzard.

Zerg Base


You can start with downloading the Beta version of the game here : Download Starcraft II Beta

You'll also need the file LazyTown : Download LazyTown 2.0

Download also some maps to be able to play (That's kinda better :-P) : Download maps

And finally, choose a link in the list below for the AI of the computer :

You're now ready to install the game.


First, install the first file you got, i mean the Beta of Starcraft II.

Once you installed it, unzip the second file you downloaded "lazylaunch2.exe" in the folder of Starcraft (where there is the file called "Starcraft II.exe").

Put the maps you obtained with the third link in a new folder in the drive C.

To finish, open the last zip which contains the file "Base.SC2Data" and unzip it in the folder "C:\Program Files\Starcraft II bÍta\Mods\Liberty.SC2Mod\" if you kept the default installation folder. I advice you to make a save of the original file which is in this folder.


You can now play to Starcraft II! To do that, run the file "lazylaunch2.exe" that you placed in the folder of Starcraft II. Then, the program will ask you to choose a map file. Take a map in the folder you created in the drive C.

Good Luck and Have Fun !

Information If you want to play another race, open the menu and start a new game until you get the race that you want.

Tutorial made by Deejayfool
(March 3rd, 2010 - Last edition : March 3rd, 2010)

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