Starcraft's Tutorial : Install StealthBot 2.7


I'll teach you how to get your own bot for It actually can connect on the following games :

You need a CD-Key for one of this game if you want to be able to use StealthBot.


The first step is really easy! Click on the following hyperlink to get StealthBot :

Download StealthBot 2.7.1


Once you got the file, install it normally : "Next" -> "Next" -> "I Agree" -> "Next" -> Choose a folder -> "Next" -> "Next" -> "Close"

You now have StealthBot installed on your computer but it's just the beginning...

Attention If you had an old build of Stealthbot 2.7 on your computer, you'll have to uninstall this version before to install the new one. To do this, run this install version and choose "Next" -> "Remove Stealthbot" -> "Finish" -> "Close". Don't worry, it won't remove your settings. Then you can install it normally.

Good job, the installation is now done!

Creation of a profile

Now run StealthBot Launcher on your desktop. You should see this window :


Click on "Create Profile" and write the name of a profile in the window below (it's not the account of the bot, it's only a name for the configuration) :


Once you wrote the name, press "OK"

In the previous window, select the name that you just created and click on "Launch Selected Profile".


Click on "Settings/Bot Settings" or press Ctrl+P. Fill the textbox as explained below :

  1. Account of your bot.
  2. Password for the account above.
  3. CD-Key. You can either put the (-) or not.
  4. If you want to connect the bot to Diablo II : Lord of Destruction or Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne, put here the expansion CD-Key.
  5. Channel where the bot will go at the connection.
  6. The owner of the bot. It's the account of the person which will be showed with the command !owner.
  7. Choose here the server. For example, if you want to connect to USEast, choose
  8. The trigger is the first letter you'll need to use before each commands. If you want to get your ping, you'll say (Trigger)pingme. The most common trigger is the dot.
  9. Click on the game corresponding to your CD-Key.

To finish, click on Apply and Close.

You can finally click on "Connect" and you'll be connected! Congratulation!

Tutorial made by Deejayfool
(October 11th, 2009 - Last edition : November 25th, 2009)

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